Announcements 9/2 – 9/3

Friday, 9/2

  • NO vespers at church – meet in small groups:
  • Freshmen – Branden Stoltz’s house
  • Sophomore – Erica Choi’s house
  • Junior – Eric Byun’s house
  • Senior – P. James Tham’s house
Saturday, 9/3
  • 10 am – Bible study on Worship
  • 11:15 am – Sermon by P. Jinha
  • sundown in small groups
  • Winter Break Mission Trip – help build three churches, do VBS, plus facilitate a variety of evangelistic activities in Mexico. The cost is $500 per person, plus $50 per person insurance and visa permit. Sign up & info:
  • Do you want to help with children’s ministries?  Please contact P. Jinha if you want to help teach SS or help organize afternoon Bible studies for Elementary & Middle School-aged children.

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