Announcements 9/9 – 9/11

Announcements 9/9 – 9/11 weekend:

  • Friday @ 6:30 pm – Small groups
  • Saturday @ 10 am – In Spirit and in Truth
  • Saturday @ 11:15 am – Worshiping in the main sanctuary; P. James Tham – “A Tale of Two Daughters”
Do you want to help at the Benton Harbor Soup Kitchen this Sunday (9/11)?  We need volunteers to go with a group of Korean adults.

Next Sunday (9/18), there’s a yard sale / Korean food sale at the Korean Church fundraising for the Korean youth – 8 am – 11 am.

Next Saturday (9/18), there will be a meeting for all those interested in helping to teach SS or afternoon bible studies for English-speaking youth at our church!

There’s currently a group of Korean seminarians holding vespers at Timberridge Manor (retirement home behind our church) every Friday at 7 pm.  They are looking for people to come and preach a 15-minute sermon on a Friday of your choice…  they typically do a song service, have the sermon, and then spend time mingling & praying with the residents. They’re done by 8 pm.. so you could still make it to your small group afterwards!  Anyone interested?  Their sermon schedule is wide open starting next Friday…

We will be voting in the new mission statement:

“Living Springs Fellowship makes disciples who share the gospel with the world.”

Proposed 2011-2012 Motto: Every Member Active Christian


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