Christians Now

“Many mean to be Christians sometime, but do not want to make the start just yet…. [because we think that the fun will end when we commit to Christ, that we have to “sacrifice” good things… but] You can have rest and peace only as you find it in Jesus.  [The rest Jesus gives is calm, steady, and consistent – not like the “rest” you feel after sleeping in for 12 hours after an all-nighter, where you still feel groggy for days, but that refreshing rest that energizes you daily, providing peace of mind, heart, and soul].  The world, its maxims and its customs, are the parents of unnumbered sufferings. Many suffer with ungratified wishes [Think about all the things you want and seek but can’t have that frustrate you]. They bind burdens on themselves—their ungratified desires. With the condemnation of conscience—not having harmony with God, and with an apprehension of His displeasure and wrath—their existence is a matter of continual anxiety. [We have an apprehension – a fear – of His displeasure and wrath – not because it is reality, but because that is our perception.  Yes, God hates the sin, but He loves the sinner – and He is not displeased with you but rather suffering with you, wanting to bring you into His safe embrace, where you can be free from your burdens and fears.  Yet our fear and guilt cause us to see God as an angry God and so we live in constant doubt of the hope of salvation].  There is a dearth of heavenly consolation in suffering. They are fearful of punishment. There is a fearful foreboding of the future…. [But we can have hope instead of fear for the future – God said in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.] A ransom has been given for souls, a sacrifice that was infinite—a Monarch dying for rebellious subjects, that they may escape from sin, corruption, and misery. They may all receive pardon, purity, and heaven through the great condescension of the Son of God….[ALL may receive forgiveness, wholeness, and salvation – Jesus has already made the sacrifice; He has already provided the way – accept this salvation today; be a Christian NOW.]” (This Day With God, p 264 – Inserts by me]

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