Close at Hand

John 19:41 “Now in the place where He was crucified there was a garden, and in the garden a new tomb in which no one had yet been laid.”

Why did John feel it important to share that the cross of Jesus was physically near the tomb of Jesus?  Why did God purposefully lay Jesus in a tomb that was next to the place of His death?

The disciples had placed all their hopes in Jesus.  They left everything for Him.  All their dreams and expectations were invested in Him.  It was at the place of the cross that the disciples lost all hope.  All their dreams and expectations were lost because it was here that Jesus died.  I can’t imagine how disappointed they were.

Yet right next to the cross was the tomb.  The tomb was the place where Jesus was resurrected.  It was here where the beaten, bruised body of Jesus was brought back to life.   It was here that all hope was regained and the disciples could have much more joy than ever before.  They now could have peace in knowing they served a risen Savior and the disappointment that they had experienced seemed insignificant.

It’s so neat that Jesus came back to life right next to the place where He lost His life.

The application is simply this: In Christ, after every disappointment, a blessing is close by.  After each time of trial and heartache there is growth in understanding and wisdom.

LSF, are you going through disappointment?  Have you invested your life in your academic career and found yourself disappointed? Maybe you have invested your life in a relationship that has brought you much disappointment.  Friends, the message of John 19:41 is for you.  It is in Jesus, and through Jesus, and because of Jesus that you can find victory next to your defeat.  May God be with you through your heartache and may the joy be ever sweeter when it comes.

God bless you


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