Friday: Small groups, various


  • 10 am Devotional Workshop – learn how to do devotions!
  • 10:45 am Sabbath School – God the Lawgiver
  • 12 pm Main Worship – Pastor Sung Chul Kim “The Encounter”
  • Big Sib/lil Sib Night!
  • Sunday @ 1 pm – Small Group training for anyone interested!
  • 40-day Media Fast: Feburary 20 – March 30
  • Joint Youth Rally: March 3-4
  • LSF Mission Trip: May7-14  to Louisville, Kentucky to minister to hundreds of Myanmyrian (Burmese) refugees living there in difficult circumstances.  Sign up today!
In the Area:
  • Dwayne Lemon presents a revival series entitled, “Prepare to Meet Thy God.” Feb. 15-17 (Wed – Fri) 6:45p Andrews University, Newbold Auditorium (Buller Hall)
  • Ty Gibson, Light Bearers Ministry; Nyse Collins, Nyse LIfe Consultants, Inc.; Kamil Metz, MI Conference Publishing Director presenting @ PMC Youth Chapel

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